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Good advice!!

Good advice!!

Saw this sign in a shop during my recent roadtrip to the central west of New South Wales. I’ve never tried it myself, but I’m sure it hurts, so sensible advice!! LOL




Some things you'll never forget. Like taking a dump over a bear trap.

Or taking a leak on a electric fence.

Good advise but how many people were wearing spurs?

Obviously plenty do wear spurs up in the Central West.!....but what gets me is that they need a sign to remind them, surely if you squat once with spurs you won't forget it to quickly !!!!

That sign is for the ones that did it twice. But then, there's no education in the second mule kick.


They would get your attention for sure at least once.

Vardy .....which bit? Squating or wearing spurs?

I never used spurs when I rode horses for 10 years helping working cattle as a kid. Spurs are cruel and unnecessary. You can't sneak up on things wearing them and like the sign says, could be dangerous to your health.

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