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In Good Company

In Good Company

Had to go to the DMV for new tags on Friday and found a great parking spot next to some good need to lock anything!



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Yeah. I have to go soon to renew my licence.

Personal security

Nice placement!
That bike has some serious crash bars.

I’m suprised the word “Constable” is used in US law enforcement ... it is very British (and Australian and New Zealand).

Google "Texas, it's like a whole other country." LOL

Our Dripping Springs is a small Hill Country town in Hays County with no police department, so we have Constables. The Constables are designated by precincts in our county. Our precinct -- precinct 4 -- has one Constable (who is elected), four deputy Constables and one administrator.

Check it out:

WOW ... now that's a small town ...I saw 4 this morning on the way to Home Depot - which is about 3 km away!

The Maryland State Police have the same bike. There very quiet. The Troupers say there faster then the HD's they have.

Yeah, those Honda V-4's are fast! I've seen the county Sheriffs and the state Troopers on those bikes.

DMV, 3/29 photo DMV_zpszrhsmh6u.jpg

MSP have there cars and bikes in black and olive green. It makes them a little hard to see in the median.

I wouldn't trust em with a 10 foot pole. They would probably think of some way to put you in jail, act like the Hildr needs to be impounded and it never makes it there. LOL

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