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Gopro hero2

Gopro hero2

I drilled holes in the housing for the external mic and the power adapter.
Now I dont have to worry about running out of batteries while riding



Now thats clever, do you have a swevil mount on your bike?

Uwe, I need your help!!!!!! I've been looking for an external microphone for my Hero2 so I can eliminate the wind noise and I've been to music stores and a camera shop and nobody had anything with a 3.5mm stereo plug. What microphone are you using, and how is it working for you? Thanks!

Bill, I'm sometimes using a Ram Mount with a standard camera size screw.
Bob, that's a $5 microphone I bought on Amazon, I'll let you know how it works as I haven't tried it yet.

Nice UWE

Aha, that's a nice way out. Uwe don't forget about some sort of sealing rings for the holes in case rain starts. We have them here at electronics markets, like $1 for a handful )))

Uwe, why don't you just belt mount that and feed streaming live vid of your entire life for us...we can live vicariously through you!

Now thats cleaver. Great job Uwe!

Thanks UWE, I will check into that, I really like the idea of being able to rotate the camera.

Alec, great idea, let me ride to Kiev to pick some up Smiley-wink
I'll probably just put some electrical tape on, let me make sure I take some with me. Thanks!

Skeep, one day that will be possibly, that's what Google is trying to do with their "Google Goggles"

Let me know the diameter and I'll get some for yuo if you can't make it to Kiev

thanks for the offer Alec, I think I can make it without it, the microphone is already a tight fit and the usb adapter isn't round anyway.
Bill, I uploaded another photo that shows the Gopro on the Ram Mount:

FYI - if anyone has a GoPro and has a need to hook up cables but doesn't want to drill the housing, they do make a "skeleton case" with openings for the cables which lets you keep the original case if you plan to ever submerge the thing.

Great call on the adapter! Battery life is always an issue especially at 1080! I use a solar charging pack to recharge but there is always down time while changing the batteries up, if you don't have to stop...even better! Two thumbs up!

Hi Bob, I just forgot to order one in time for the trip, plus I'm not into diving Smiley-wink
KQ, do you charge it while riding?

I don't ever plan on diving either which is why I'm going to drill mine as well!

They do make add on battery that works well /much longer life on the road I have found /new wireless add on good too

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