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For Gordo! The seat for my 1100 custom

For Gordo! The seat for my 1100 custom

this is the seat I picked up for only $100 no kidding. It is not even broken in or does it have any creases in the leather yet .


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Looks just like mine. Came with the bike.

Deal of the century !!

What a great deal. My hinny is happy just looking at them

Great deal. Nice seat! Mine is studded, but I would much rather have the backrest option!

What makes this deal even more special, this raises me up about 2 inches so I even have better comfort at my foot controls then I did with the factory. Because my original thought was to extend out the factory controls.

I have that seat(the seat alone) on my sporty and love it

Bargain !

Great deal!

Great deal,enjoy.I wish I could pick up a deal that good here.

Raymond52, I found it at the right place right time. It was on a facebook motorcycle group page for sale. I eatched it for over 2 weeks and could not belive nobody bought it. I asked if it was still available and it was. I had to drive 85 miles for it but so worth it at that price. The condition is flawless!


It looks like the one I got for my old VTX. Enjoy! I couldn't give away my old Honda seat. So it got dropped in the recycle bin.

Well done.

Now, I need something like that for the old Butt & Back -
Finding one in reasonable condition and Price is damn hard ...
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

Very cool

Excellent score. It's exactly like the one that I have on my VTX. You're going to love it especially when it is broken in. Smiley-laughing

A mustang seat... 100? Would be at least around 500 € here! Sounds like you had your lucky day!

That's a great deal for a Mustang seat set!

I got Hildr's 1st Mustang set for $150 from a guy in Scottsdale, Arizona. When I opened the box he sent, the seats looked brand new. I email the guy and said. "I thought you said these were used." He emailed back and said that he had put the seats on, road a few miles and didn't like 'em. Apparently, they raised him up too high for his liking.

"It's better to be lucky than good." -- Lefty Gomez

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