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Gorgeous fall weather

Gorgeous fall weather

Was 70 f the other day thus a short ride. Next 5 days to be in mid 70s


Own Photo: 


Very nice!

Great Day for it - Bike is looking Schmicky Mouse Too ...
Ride Safe ....

Did you notice anything different about the Bird?

Beautiful back drop

Yeah, the trunk with pillion backrest. Nice shot.

Looks way better without all the smoke.

Different saddlebags

I'm feeling you Randy, ride while the weather permits. Like Peter, I noticed different saddlebags on the Bird.

Yes Peter and TG have a good eye. Put the original saddlebags on while I get ready to do a make over. Ordered the matching blue and white paint to do the trunk and will be ordering new white saddlebags. Will be painting them to match the line of the white on the top of Bird. Not sure about the bags, whether to just paint the door blue and leave the rest of the bag white or do the whole right and left side of bag and have the matching width of white through the top, front and back of the bag, If I do that I really need to find out how to do the matching pin stripping between the blue and white. Similar to this, Also thinking of adding the grip whips.

I checked out the link Randy. Those are some great looking hardbags for sure. Either way you decide, the Bird will be standing tall.

Mine will be like my silver ones I had. More rounded in the back with no racks on top

Sure is.

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