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Got a little hail last night.

Got a little hail last night.

We got some hail last night. Some damage to Coz’s car and the roof of the pergola. Chased up a paintless dent removal guy I know. Drop the car in  next Wednesday morning before we head off to the CCC get together and he will do it while we’re away. Also at a cheaper price than the insurance excess/deductable so no claim on ou4 history. 


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On the last hail storm the ute copped about 6 dents on the bonnet, $750 excess.
I bought a $100 tool and did it myself.
I haven't checked the ute this time yet.

HOW lucky is that? Have fun on your next trip. We had a hail storm like that about 15 years ago. Only did about 500,000 worth of damage to cars in the dealers lots. They were cheap after that storm.

Yes Wayne. The card yards are advertising hail sales already,

3 of our cars got hailed damaged in Dec last year, 2 written off and just got Rosannes car back last week. Now their saying hail again over the weekend and no room in the garage now there is 3 bikes in there.

Saw a photo on social media of a chap in Sydney who had strapped inflatable camping mattresses all over his ute to protect it from hail. Worked a treat. Next time Aldi or Supercheap Auto has a padded hail proof car cover on sale I'm buying one. These extreme weather events are happening all too often ... and won't be going away any time soon!

Holy Crow !!! I'm amazed it didn't bust a window.
I like the inflatable mattress idea.

Crap, those are big.

Lucky not too much on Coz’s car. It will be sorted while we’re at the CCC event. I will have to replace the whole pergola roof when we get home.

We got that hail at home to Al, minor damage not worth claiming insurance.Would of been worse if cars were outside though.

Yikes! Those would hurt! (And probably make some big dents) Deye’s X-Trail took a beating last summer, and insurance paid enough to put new flooring in our house. Of course, there’s no more hail coverage on her 13 year old car, but I think I can take out most of the dents myself.

Yeah Len. There were dents. Luckily not too many. I’m getting them done for less than the cost of going through insurance. And it will get done while we’re away on the bike. Bonus.

Never seen hail that big in real life! I can imagine that’s damaging everything... must be a very strange and angry feeling knowing what’s happening when there is a hail storm like that and nothing you can do to protect your stuff!

Car being fixd while we are at tge CCC rally on Mildura. Will look at the other damage when we get home.

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