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Got my X-ray results today.

Got my X-ray results today.

Hope the other bikes don't see this....they get jealous, have little hissy fits and refuse to run.


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That explains the noises you keep hearing in your head....tappets need adjusting!

And also explains why it appears you have some cogs missing up there!

... and when the exhaust backfires, is that a brain fart !?

I'd say that's a good x-ray

so that is what they mean when the talk about thinking that the wheels go round and round

I'd say all of the above comments apply.

Explains every thing. No need for a diagnosis from Johns Hopkins or Mayo Clinic.

NOW I understand. Don't let them remove that you'll never be the same.

Glad there's only one in there.

Not much space left for other braincells... That explains a lot!!!! LOL

Looks like you haven't been serviced in a while. Smiley-wink

Thats where my model motorcycle went. Dude, you gotta stop sticking things in your ear.

I hear ya Drew....just.

LOL....that's me sometimes also.

I always have at least one Valkyrie on my brain.....would love more of them.

I resemble that X-ray. Just a different bike stuck in there

This might be an issue for us all.

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