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Gracie"s Adding To Her Wish List

Gracie"s Adding To Her Wish List

Yet another item discontinued Guess Gracie will have to find another supplier for her parts.


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sad, so sad. Hopefully Rebel doesn't have the same problem trying to get some driving lights.

Aw, so sad. Good luck finding somewhere else.


Good luck Gracie, if you don't have a target you won't hit anything! Stay after it girl!

Valerie ... surely RSD parts are sold by many suppliers? J&P Cycles ? Phat Performance Parts? I seem to recall that there is also a supplier who only sells parts and accessories for Sportsters ... Sportster Specialties (or some such name). Good luck

Valerie ... I just checked the J & P Cycles website. They've got a large range of RSD levers ... and they are on pre-Christmas sale atm!

Cool, Thanks Peter I will check that

Hopefully Gracie gets what she wants

Good luck ! Smiley-laughing

When I see Peters comment, I would say, now is the time Val!

You could always buy a Goldwing. They are common as backsides. Everybody's got one.

I cant reach the ground on a wing..... :(

Hey Valerie, they have adjustable load settings. Maybe you could get it low enough you could reach the ground

I'll try on your bike when I see you Smiley-laughing

That'll work

Peter, I found them on JPCycles as you suggested. They should be in sometime this week. I hope they fit properly. I saw some Obreon levers once and although they looked and worked great they were to thin at the bracket so they rattled really bad. For aprox $350 a set one would expect better. Here's hoping RS has a better fit. It would be nice not to stretch these old hands and wrists so far. Smiley-laughing Getting older has it's challenges.

Buy extended fingers. LOL. I hope they fit too Val.

LOL Bill. If that were the only problem...

Well done Valerie ... hope they suit. Is it just the levers that you bought or the perch as well ... and if so, does the perch have a click-stop adjuster to move the lever closer to or further away from your hands, as necessary?

The lever and adjustable perch are all one thing. I have concern though as i read a review that says when they are dialed in the bend in the lever hits so they wont work. That was just one person. He may have not done something right. I figure I will give them a go and gently try them. If when I get them on there is an issue I will return them. JPCycles has a good return policy. There is another type I saw on that site which may work also but they are more money.
Trying to find something that will cause less pain in my hand and wrist when I use the brake is turning into a challenge. If worst come to worst I will just continue on the way I have been and hope I have yrs before the arthritis takes over completely

I feel your pain Valerie ... quite literally !! My right hand has yet to recover from my recent trip. I don't have any form of cruise control on my Honda so I was rarely able to let go of the right hand throttle/grip to stretch my hand. I am now taking a daily supplement of Krill oil ... it's 'seems' to be working

Krill oil is good.
They tell me the lunate bone in my right wrist is dead so I have limited mobility and pain in the wrist. Then the arthritis set in and they said they wanted to remove the bone and fuse the wrist. Well that ain't going to happen. LOL
I will find a way to keep on keepin on Smiley-laughing

Have you given any thought to a bionic hand? But probably a discontinued item on CC!!!! LOL


Sorry to read this Val.
I had an accident on my snowboard many years ago and hurt my right shoulder badly. A doctor with similar injury gave me some tips to avoid calification. I managed to heal slowly.
Now I am all right even if my shoulder is a little lower than the other one.
Easy exercises (no weight) to move the joints which is crucial to lubricate them and one or two spoonful olive oil (extra virgin ecologic) once a day.
If you try this it might be to some help and for sure it wount hurt you Smiley-wink
This takes some time so be patient! There you are ! Smiley-laughing

Olive oil hey??? Hummm. cant hurt

Just Goo ! Smiley-laughing

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