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Grandpa reads a story to grandson about motorcycles

Grandpa reads a story to grandson about motorcycles

But Grandpa, why do you only have an Indian cushion and not a real Indian motorcycle?
Ssshhh my boy.....enjoy the soft cushion and one day you will have a ride on one.... Smiley-laughing


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It’ll not take long and you cann’t make him happy anymore with only a cushion and a story Steve!!! LOL

Cool! You'll get your Indian one piece at a time.

Hmmm... Wombat Stew. No doubt Australian.

Get with it Granpa!

Awesome pic Turbo

Gotta start somewhere ... and a cushion is as good a place as any!

He’s riding a soft cushion now!

Story about motorcycles.....that is why Grandpa has a smile on his face!
Good to hear from you again Steve, you've been absent for a while.
Btw your grandson looks like he takes after his Grandmother....Lol!!

Won't be long before he will be asking for the keys to Grandpa's Bike. I have two and they are looking at mine..Good thing I have three. Have fun with hm Now.I am doing the very same thing with the great grandson.Looks to be about the same age.

Looks like your also giving a cooking lesson too

That's a top photo Steve.

My youngest grandson will climb up on the seat with a big smile on his face. I bet yours will too. Hide the keys.

Just look at those identical smiles.

Nice pic Steve, your grandson will be riding sooner than you think, they grow up fast.

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