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Great Day For A Ride

Great Day For A Ride

Ray, Paul and I meet this morning at Peachtree Pub for a ride to Colo Heights on the Putty Road.
Beautiful weather and not much traffic.
Had a late breakfast at the Servo/Restaurant.
Discussed the upcoming Wild Hogs ride in two weeks time and we will be passing this way again.



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Great shot.

Glad you guys got out, I was still painting. :(

Was a top days ride. Perfect weather and great company as always.

Still having more fun than me. Not for long..

Cant wait to catch up Wayne. Not long now. Hopefully our bush fires get under control by then.

That would be good to get the fires out. Like California they finally got them 90% out. That brought a lot of smoke up here..

That was sad to see how many homes and lives were lost.

Glad to see you guys get out! We, in the North, will have to live vicariously through our southern brothers for the next few months... ride on!

Spring in Australia means late autumn here in Holland... it is starting to be freezing during the nights!!!! Enjoy your rides!!!

Will do Gert.

Ye. It was a nice day for a ride. Shame I had a triathlon on.

Nice warm up ride for the Hogs. Those fires aren't looking good at all. Hope for all that they get them under control.

Yeah. The fires are a problem

Maybe I can help as often as I Pee.. I be there soon 2 days

Hope you guys have a blast! As expected, its getting chilly here to put it mildly.

Thanks Capt. We just hope the bush fires are under control before we leave. We'll be heading into those areas.

I hope so too. They have made the news in our part of the world.

Sorry i missed that one , its a nice ride out to Colo Heights . Hopefully the fires will all be under control by the time we leave .

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