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A great day in the saddle

A great day in the saddle

Today was a wearying day ... lots of narrow, single lane, twisting mountain roads that required lots of concentration appropriate speed and correct lines through corners. But it was EXHILARATING!! Helped by clear blue sky and temps around 26C (80+ F).




Shorter mileage on roads like that is way more fun than longer mileage on straight roads.

Interesting terrain Peter - Where abouts is the piccy's from ?
Yes it is how you enjoy your ride that matters and sensible riding is in order for roads like that you are encountering - we all want to make it there and back in one piece - I'd rather arrive late than not arrive at all ....
Good on you mate - Enjoy the rest of the journey ...
Ride Safe ...

Greg ... back road from Oberon to Lithgow

Looks like a great time. Nice photo too.

Exhilarating is the word Peter. It's good to see everyone enjoying their rides.

Beautiful shot Peter

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