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Great spring day for a ride!

Great spring day for a ride!


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Nice to see you out and about Gert. Great weather now by the look of things. Enjoy the riding season. Bike looks great. Go Vstar.

Awesome that you guys are getting out!

Good to see her out in the light ! Its mostly how I spent my day too. Half tank out and half tank back. feels so good!
Tomorrow I'll ride into Baltimore and try not to get shot.

Glad your season has started my friend. Bike looks great.

Don’t get sunburnt Gert. Ride both bikes. If you don’t, you know one will get jealous.....

I ride them both Al. Promis!! LOL Within a month from now Marek will visit me by his car so the little Honda has to be in good condition so we can make a ride together!

Was a great ride together with my brother Jan Dirk. He has his bike back home from winterstorage. He usualy has his bike at the bikershop during the five months winterstorage. It safes him place at home. It costs him €25,= a month during the five or six months or €200,= but that’s storage including a service!!! Oil change etc, etc... so his bike is ready to go when he get his bike back home in spring, and that’s his normal choice.

We ent to the north of Holland, a 320 km ride to visit a very special bikershop. Special because the guy has everything! Old and new bikes, lots of clothes from every type and brand. Lots to see! It is near to a city called Den Helder and that’s 150 km from our house. Great ride passing Amsterdam and on our way back we took a 25 km long dyke beween the city’s named Enkhuizen and Lelystad. Weather was good, great ride, great day together!

Enjoy the sunshine

It's great to see you getting a ride in. May there be many more rides.
No doubt you have some videos ready to edit.
Can't wait to see Marek on your little Honda.

Good to see you out Gert.

Hi Gert - Great to see you getting out for a nice Cruise - Always good to have the sunshine and warmth - the bike is looking good too Smiley-laughing
Ride Safe - Take Care.

Nice and green where you are Gert! Looking forward to a nice, warm summer now.

The days are comming where I don't have to dress like I'm going into outer space to ride. Some will shutter at the thought. But I prefer to ride in a t shirt.

Well Capt, I think I understand what you mean about riding in a t-shirt, but I have to say I never do. That’s just because my feeling of safety when riding in only a t-shirt. I saw what happened to my brother wearing a normal jeans riding his bike and a 86 jaar old man didn’t see my brother and hit him driving his car. My brother only did about 30km/u but you had to see how he was looking. Bleu and even yellow from top till toe! Let me wear a kevlar jeans and a jacket. It can be a summer biker jacket but it gives me a better feeling to know I’m at least a bit protected... But about the weather, Yes! Let it be this kind of weather we have at the moment from now till Christmas and starting the same the first week from January again!!!! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

I've been known to ride in a t shirt. Never shorts and thongs though.

Me too.

Yeah....shorts and thongs clash with t least that’s what I told the officer. They sentence me next week.....

I do have I would rather they guess then know!

Looking nice there, It is nice a green here with all of our spring rains. Have mowed the grass a half dozen times already. Hopefully I can get back over there to visit you and Marek again. Probably spring of 2021. Will be bringing the wife to visit Copenhagen and the vikings stuff.

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