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GSXR 1100

GSXR 1100

What do ya think for $500. Needs tires, front and rear brakes. This has been setting for over 15years. It's a 1989 and looks new. It still had the 89 tires on it. Cleaned the fuel system and this thing RUNS.



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It's not much money for the bike when it's good...

Wow !
That one is a real Classic !!
I have a friend on a 750 -85 and he is very pleased ! Smiley-laughing
Cool oldtime badass street-racer !
Hope to see you getting on the road on that one, Wayne !
Ride Safe !

I agree with Arild ... it's a classic at a budget price !! Nike Doctrine ... "Just Do It"

At $2.20 per CC for an absolute weapon - I think 'fantastic' !!!

Looks like it needs a seat as well, lol. For the price, you got a deal

Looks like a fun project bike.

They are a mighty bike my mate Mark has 2 of the them, one in original condition same as yours and the other one he has turned into an absolute weapon affectionately called Brutus, bored out to a little over 1200cc.

Thats a bargain and he'd but it in an instant

Bloody hell!!! I am jealous as all Buggery. Bloody hell that is a great buy !!!!

That's a great deal

Let the good times roll. Now, all those crazy, outrageous, hot bike ideas are yours to choose from. I actually got to ride one of those. I was impressed by the power and the smoothness. The fun you're going have.

Dub, $2.20 per cc? $500/1100 is 45 cents per cc... Now that's a steal! $)

Got that round the wrong way, even better value...LOL!

I am going to have a little FUN with this one. Allen: It has a Corbin seat which is very nice. I'll pick up the front tire and brakes next week and off and running. Bikes like this are all over the place you just have to look around.

I think you should be arrested for theft.

But it came with a title. So far I have about $850 in it. I am looking at two 2001 Yamaha's one 750 and 1100 for just under $4000. Maybe less the guy has been trying to get rid of them for a year or so. Just want's them GONE. How about $3000.for both.They look new one has 2700 miles and the other has about 6500 miles.I may have to buy them also.

MBS is spreading around the world !!!

Scruffy, it is not very often I agree with Deebs, after all, he is from Western Australia, but on this occasion I bloody do!!!!

Go for it!! That's a steal.

You may attack me Phicl but when you attack my home you are flirting bodily harm.

Then you must make sure you are in Swan Hill and we can duel with beer cans at 5 paces. From the esky. Bet I get to the second before you do!!!

I'll have a little video as soon as I get the parts to rebuild the front Calipers and Pads. Then watch out. I'll be scary fast then.. New tires, chain, brake switch, Clutch lever, front and rear pads, rebuilt front calipers, New battery. Another few weeks and I'll be race ready.. Then I'll be the wind blowing behind Randy. I got Beer it was good and cold.

The beer is the important stuff. All the rest just consumed money unnecessarily.

Beer has all the vitamins one needs. It goes with just about any kind of food but sadly it does not mix well with GAS. Have a nice big cool one and I'll do the same Phil

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