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Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Nothing to do with bikes but, I think this an amazing photo.  Hint: Taken in 1840. Just for fun, can you guess?



Honestly I don't know, but know in just a click of the mouse, thanks Google. I'll let a few others figure it out. Of course I don't want to be him and their is major controversy surrounding our current one. Speaking of controversy around guns.... . Can't wait to see the new Avengers movie. Is that enough clues?

Well I know it aint you.
I was thinking Booth but the eyes are wrong

I got it. Thank you Cortana. Let's say there is a Booth connection.

Yes Capt, another clue.

It’s not who I thought it might be so I have no idea !


Another good clue Edwin.

Great pic...I figured it out, but what a different look than in later pics !!

Aha!!!! A young Abe Lincoln !!

Yup, Honest Abe Lincoln.

Once even he was young!

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