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this guy literally rides a "HOG"

this guy literally rides a "HOG"

As a kid I used to ride a few actual real ones proved they didn't have any piglets around.  In that case they were off limits as they tended to be a bit on the mean side.



Randy, Randy Randy ... you probably don’t know it but your comment has stumbled onto a classic joke about an old Greek fella and just one goat. It’s too long to relate here ... I’ll tell you when I see you ... but I’ll need a couple or three beers to help me. LOL !!!!

That is a pig of a bike!

Vardy i suspect i know about how it goes and you won't even have to have a beer to tell me

How did you get a picture of my hog? Thought I was original

He must have stole a merry go round ride.

I've never seen a hog like this on any of the merry go rounds I have ever seen.

I think you can pick one up at the local Pigly Wiggly supper market.

Capt, are you telling me I can get a HOG like this at the Pigly Wiggly?

Yeah, Well - it takes all kinds don't it .... Maybe he is the Mascot for the HOG Rally ???
I hope he rides it safely - and doesn't get it up on its Hind Legs to Often ..... Smiley-laughing
Cheers ....

Randy. I haven't seen one yet, But they have Pigly Wiggly t shirts.

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