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Hanging out at the beach

Hanging out at the beach

Just chillen and catching some rays. You see he found some whiskey slush too.



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just make sure he doesn't go roll in something stinky.

Is that shorts he has on?

Betsy found him a Tee shirt.
I made shure there weren't any dead fish around.

Good on you both

You're setting him up to be washed away in a tsunami aren't you Capt!!

Roadie would have that much alchohol in him that if he was taken by a shark, he'd be spat out. Smiley-laughing

Or the shark would get drunk

He'd never knew what hit him.

Now that's the life....

I wanna be like Roadie, Not a drunk, but being sent around the world to visit the bikers around the world. How do I sign up???

Do you fit in a padded post bag Randy?

Your room awaits.

Vardy, yes I do, an extra, extra big one.

I don't know. Ever see the baggage handlers at the airport. It better have a lot of padding.

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