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Happy 70th Birthday Tezza

Happy 70th Birthday Tezza

Wishing Tezza a Happy 70th Birthday with many more to come



Happy Birthday Tezza!! Have a good one!!

Happy Birthday Terry, nice going Matt..

A very Happy BIRTHDAY Tezza hope you have a great day and many more to come

Happy Birthday Tezza. Hope you have a great day

Happy Birthday. I would wish you a good bike and a fine day but, someone beat me to it.

Congratulations on reaching that milestone Terry ... happy birthday and many happy returns. Keep on riding mate ... you are my age benchmark for motorcycle riders.

Happy birthday, you old fart!

Happy Birthday. Tezza. Enjoy that cool Scout.

Very Happy Birthday Tezza. Keep riding that Indian it keep you young.. I only have three to go hope I make it..

Great to know you made another year. Happy Birthday!!!

dang it, will have to just say Happy Birthday, may you have many more good ones.

Congrats with your birthday Terry!

Thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes everyone. You've made my day.

Happy Birthday Tezza, wishing you many more...

Happy birthday, Terry! Hope it is (was?) a fantastic day!

Happy Birthday Terry. Wish you health and happiness. 70 and still riding is something to be thankfull for, may we all ride for many more years together.

Happy birthday, your still a youngster, my neighbor still rides his vstar 1300 at 82 yrs old.

Thanks guys. I intend to be riding at 80 Paintcan.

Bets once told me I should stop riding at 70. I told her BALDERDASH !!!

My wife thought I should have stopped riding at 65. So I went out and bought another Stratoliner, She just shook her head. She really wasn't happy when I got the 2017 Indian.. Just more fun...I am riding until I can't stand up any more. Hopefully I'll keep up with Tezza..

You can race him when you come down!

OK.. I hope it is on bikes and not on foot. That really would kill me. Getting the pass port this next Monday.. Were getting ready to head on down Steve,

Whoo Hoo!

Who would ever say that guy on the pic is 70?

..... and it's not photo shopped either. Smiley-laughing

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