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Happy B'day Spratty - Spad562

Happy B'day Spratty - Spad562

Photo of when he was much younger and happier!



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Happy birthday Dave!

You are right Dub.... This pic is at least from a few months ago.... Happy times! LOL (Nice pic Dub...)

Congrats Spratty!

Yeh I figured this photo was appropriate all the other photos has him in more compromised positions.....say no more!!

Happy Birthday Spratty ! Smiley-laughing
I wish for you a Great Day and Many more to come !

What happens on the BH ride stays on the BH ride Dub .......... LOL .
Hey Spratty , another year has passed and 1 year older but still none the wiser , thank god !!!!! Lol . Happy B'day mate , hope you enjoyed the ride the servo and I know you got spoiled rotten .
See you in June 18 mate with the new jacket on !

That's right Nobby...If I showed the other photos I would have to burn everyone's retinas out - that is assuming the photos didn't already do so!!!

Happy Birthday my skinny brother from another mother. Hope your having a great day.

Happy batch day Spratty

Happy birthday Dave I hope that you have had a great day

Happy birthday Dave. Hope you have a good one.

Happy Birthday Spratty

Hey Dave .... many happy returns mate!

He does look happy. Happy Birthday, Hope you have a great day

Happy Birthday Dave. You young wipper snapper. Smiley-laughing

Happy birthday Dave hope you have a great day !

May you have many more great ones.

Happy Birthday skinny!! LOL. Hope you have a good one Dave.

Happy 30th Birthday ! Smiley-laughing

Wow 30, could of fooled me Dave . Happy birthday mate, see you soon for a few drinks 18th

Happy Birthday Spratty, hope you had a great day! Smiley-laughing

Thank you all for the very kind birthday wishes, I missed this one must be an age thing. Damn I look good for 30....cough cough.

Yeah had a great day, got off early and managed to get a nice autumn afternoon ride in with my new jacket on.

Thanks for posting Dub, you obviously snapped that one off without my knowledge, much appreciated has made my day.


Cropped you out of a crowd shot...

Good on Ya both ! Smiley-laughing

Is he turning 25 already?????

Please accept my condolences on your 25 th "kind of party" party..

Marek 30 is maybe believable... BUT 25, in my dreams or is that a 25yr old in my

love the shirt dave. looks like a regular black tee....with some bird $h#t on the left of his chest. Lol

Hey Gazza must have been a sale on everybody had one!

Gazza I wear it often it's a great T

Your right Al. tell some one that cares though.

I care Gazza.....

Happy birthday.

Thanks Norman

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