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Happy Birthday Randy!!!

Happy Birthday Randy!!!



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You look stressed Randy, you need to relax more....look at roadie!
Happy birthday and hope you get what you deserve.

Hope you had a great day. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Randy and many more to come

Of course I was stressed Dub, I was afraid Roadie was going to push me off the rocks and steal my bike.
And yes it was a nice evening after I got off work, wife had a great meal ready, watched a movie and some old concert footage.

Glad you had a great Birthday Randy.

Randy Happy Birthday I'd tell your wife to give you a pinch to grow an inch but you're tall enough

Maybe an inch around the waist so my pants don't sag

Happy Birthday Randy Randy.

Another one of those Playboy poses ! LOL

Yes Vardy I was "playing" a boy

OMG Peter!!!!!
Thanks for the mental picture. Now I'm going to have a heck of a time getting that out of my head

Happy belated birthday Randy.

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