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Happy Birthday Scruffy!

Happy Birthday Scruffy!

We won't ask if you've been a good boy.



Happy Birthday Wayne. Many more returns

Many happy returns of the day Wayne !

Happy birthday Scruffy, having a drink in your honor .

Had three so far and it has been a great day. Got the 1921 Victrola working and the bike rack prototype finished, Now to fab and finished project. Thanks guys

Have a great day mate!

I'll be up for a belated drink or two with you. You know that the 2nd drink is usually pushing my limit.

Hope you got what you deserved...Happy birthday.

Thanks everyone .I had a great day some friends came over and forced me to go have several drinks with them. I didn't even have to pay!!!! so I got my fill. Once at the trought don't leave.

"Forced"???? Somehow that just doesn't quite seem to match what I was thinking. we'll check on the "forced" issue tomorrow night when I get up there. Will have to put in on video so every knows the truth.

Really they twisted my arm I HAD to GO. I can edit so I can show the TRUTH

Just wait til I get up they and I'll show you how to twist an arm "Krav Maga" style. You interrupted my lesson last night and almost got me killed. It is a good thing I'm a fast learner and was able to counter the knife attack.

See you today

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