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Happy birthday Valerie!!!


Very cute Gert!...Happy Birthday Valerie wishing you all the best.

That looks good Gert. Happy Birthday Valerie. Many more returns

Happy birthday, Valerie! Hope you have a fantastic day - ride safe!

Rumor has it that if you can sing Happy Birthday in reverse order you get to take a year off. You to birthday happy.......

Happy Birthday Valerie!! Hope you get a birthday ride in.

I like that, I'm like Jack Benny I stayed at 39 for a long time. My wife informed me that my older son would be older then me, so I started up again. I am now 42 for my son is 41, I didn't want someone saying I put the cart before the horse. That's my story & I'm sticking to it.

Happy B'day Val , hope its a spectacular , funtastic day for you .

Happy Birthday Val. And you share the day with one of my Brother in Laws. Oh by the way, I got 7 of them. I don't think there Mom and dad owned a TV back then.

Happy birthday Val. 21 and a lot of experience.

Thanks Everyone Smiley-laughing

Hopefully you got out for a ride to celebrate it.

Hope you had a great day Val. Happy Birthday.

Hope you had a Great day Valerie.
Sorry I missed !
For Many more to come my friend!
Safe rides ! Smiley-laughing

Thank you my friend

Oops! Sorry Val. Happy belated birthday.

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