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Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

Happy new year to all but in paricular a couple of my fellow moderators, Polssken and Gert.


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And it still fits....even when I breathe....

Happy New Year Al!!! And Happy New Year to everybody else who’s still here on the site....

To be honest, we had our 0:00 celebration with Marek and Dana on a distance as we had Skype at the moment... so we had some kind of our party, they in Sweden and we in Holland openening a bottle of bubbles at the same time and wishing eachother all the best for 2018. We’re sure we’ll see eachother in real a few times in this new year...

Glad it still fits Al and keep breathing please!!!

Al ... when it gets as bit tight you can always wear a corset .... I mean a kidney belt ... !!!!

Vardy, spoken like a man with experience in tight clothing.....

Ah, yes the Greek outfit on Mykonos.....and your torn hamstring. Lol. My eyes! My eyes!


happens and we move along.

Mine still fits but I haven't tried it on since Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Just let the laces on the side out a bit Tezza.

After I finish eating Al.

it is called 'Gravity' Smiley-laughing Happy New Year to ALL ....

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