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Happy New Year?

Happy New Year?

Dang it’s cold outside! 


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It's currently 3 degrees in KC.

Looks like most of the country has gone cold right now


Pretend the thermometer is in Celsius.

I don’t even want that Al, I’m thinking maybe +20c would work though.

I just worked it out .... that’s -28° C !!!! That is seriously cold.


Vardy, still warmer than Canbraaaa.

Hardly, Al; -7°C is about as cold as it gets

What is that in F?


Even our freezer is not that cold!

That’s why you have a fridge. If you leave stuff out, it’ll freeze you put it in the fridge.

That is brass monkey weather.

I can relate. It's 27F here and that is very cold for San Antonio

Warmed right up today...-3f. Nearly shorts weather. This weekend they’re forecasting even colder yet. Still waiting for that global warming to show up

I think 27C today but heading up to 45C on Sunday.

Coldest I ever have been in was - 24 F and with windchill on the plains of South Dakota at the time, made it -100 F. 0 F is not too bad if there is NO wind and it is dry. 25 F and high humidity in Germany felt way more miserable than the 0 F and dryness in South Dakota.

We had a warm 32*C today and expecting 36*C tomorrow - 40*C and above in some areas in NSW and Extreme Bushfire Warnings - Quite a few fires across the bottom half of Australia today some out of control ....
Definitely a World of Contrasts that is for sure - Fire & Ice of one kind or another all over the world and prevalent at the opposite ends - Volcano's & Glaciers ... Awesome indeed ... cheers ... (Stay Warm & Dry) ...

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