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Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

And now for a bit o' the Irish.
Weston, Missouri

Like most bars, one enters O'Malley's from the ground level. Unlike most bars, entering takes you down a succession of ramps as you descend into a series of cavernous limestone cellars that date to before the Civil War as part of the Weston Brewing Company. The main cellar reaches 55ft below ground and is large enough to accommodate multiple levels of seating and a stage for live music. Today, it's back to brewing its own beer in addition to pouring the expected Irish staples. You will not have any cellphone service. You will not care.



Looks like a nice place. Raise a pint for me

Oh yeah. The top floor is a restaurant with good Irish dishes. Weston is one of my favorite places. The cafe' down the street is decorated with framed motorcycle photos You can also take a tour of the Holladay Distillery.

Damn wouldn't want to get drunk in there. If so you may be there awhile. Nice story Edwins

Allen, the staff will politely escort you up and out if needed. It's a ffriendly town. My wife wanted to visit the candle shop. Now, that might not appeal to most men but, they were giving away free beer. Like I said, one of my favorite places.

Cool, I would like to visit that place!

That's good. I'd probably need help, lol

Just looked at the map. Not going to make it in our June trip.

There's always next year.

Candle shop....Free beer. I can make this work.

Absolutely CAPT

My son goes to a Barber shop that offers PBR beer wile you wait.

Haven't had one of those in a loooong time (PBR)

Perfect after cutting the grass on a hot day.

The same could be said about a lot of drinks, lol

Gotta love the Irish Pub atmosphere.

OD's pissed me off recently and even though I can walk there in 5mins I have taken it off my list of enjoyable pubs.
They wouldn't turn the volume up on the footy because I was a minority against the TAB.
I just paid $9.60 for a pint FFS!
Rant over

Crazy rules.

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