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Hard day

Hard day

On holidays, lovely warm weather for riding ....... What better way to end the day than with a swim and a cold beer!!!!
Thats Beachy in the photo ....  in case you didn't recognise him without his leathers!!!! Biggrin



Beachy, I don't know man, that camera angle may get you put in the RESTRICTED Folder!

Green boardies and red towel ..... not very colour coordinatd Beachy ...... and btw, didn't your mum ever to tell you to sit with your legs together!!

There both right

Looks warm

I couldn't keep my legs together, I was sitting on a bean bag and there was no room in front of me for my legs. I wouldn't be so worried about the green shorts, its the big white stomach that worries me!

I thought the heading should read "I'll BE BACK"

I'm glad you had a filter on the camera for the glare off your stomach.
Hope you had a good holiday.

Greanpeace called past and thought I needed to be rolled back into the water at one stage!

Your bloody lucky it wasn't a mother ship coming by.

I think it should be in the restricted section just due to the "rubbing it in feeling I'm getting" or the "so totally jealous feeling, not of the outfit, but the temp". Getting below freezing here and my old body just isn't liking it any more.

Great pic Adrian...............bring those swim trunks with you in May.........we may have to hit the creek !

hope there is plenty of vegetation to hide in

May? ohh the dragon. Im not going this year Ken, work is in a bit of turmoil at the moment

The weather forcast for today is 44 degrees C!!!!! I think we'll be spending a bit more time in the pool!!!!!!!!

We are only 35 today heading to Cooma I think depends on what direction I am given

Its South from there Wayne! Now remember where that Pub is ? keep driving past it this time! Biggrin

35 In Canberra? all the pollies will melt!

None here mate all in your pool. Very hard to find a polli here between 21/12 and 30/01

even harder to find one who actually does anything of value for the country!

I am not a polli knocker as I don't think you can ever please all and it would be the hardest job in the world however i don't think we as citizens are winning too much of late. Having said that no one can govern and make decisions for the benefit of the country when being a minority government so I do feel that the present body are doing it very tough. I don't believe the opposition is better and I personal feel they are only interested in undermining the present government to gain power. I actually always believed that both those in power and opposition had a man date to do what ever for the benefit of the country but on what has transpired over the past 2 years the opposition has done absolutely zip except to bag and gain media attention for all the wrong reasons. Just for example our current refugee problem. Why ? Don't care what they say about humane rights just ask all those names from 9/11?

ADRIAN.........tell me its not so ! I thought you were joining us in May. As far as work goes , give me a phone number....I will set your boss right. And if he doesent like it , I will QUIT for you !

That's the problem ken, I may not have a job after March. I have to wait and see, but we do plan on a trip next year possibly

Wayne, is the heat getting to you?

All will turn out OK Adrian.............FAITH my friend !

on the Upside Ken if I dont have a job after March it means I have more time to:
1. Give you and Phil a hard time
2. Ride the bike
3. Give Phil a hard time again
4. clean the bike
5. Give you and Phil some more grief!

No but I bet its bloody hot over your way we hit around 37 I think. I just like to get on my soap box sometimes it helps with the digestion. lol

it has hit 44 2 hours ago. Fortunately the AC works well

That hot mate and probably wont cool down overnight either.

down to 31 tomorrow that means bike weather!

39 tomorrow no today would say its still 26 outside now

I don't think yall be talking Fahrenheit.

No Bruce .... Celsius. It got to 45 here yesterday which is about 113 Fahrenheit. Other parts of the state went to 49 ( 120 Fahrenheit) Smiley-laughing

Damn and Phil get enough " GRIEF " without you doing it "full time " !

But Ken I gave Phil more grief than I did you. See I do care... I think

Im sorry Adrian..... I thought I caught more GRIEF than Phil.......but I was mistaken ! Do you forgive me ? If not , just to show you how sorry I am , I will let Phil buy you a BEER. No hard feelings , right ?

only one beer? that's a carton job!

Beachy as a Chippendale?????????

Pardon my language Annie. BUT DAMN THAT'S HOT. Way too hot to ride. Beachy you should be in the pool drinking..........................Not to mention the relief it would give ours eyes. LOL

For a minute I thought you were calling me Hot Bruce Smiley-laughing
Marek, years of abuse have given me this body. Biggrin

Years of abuse did that to you ? Damn , Ive got about 35 years worth of abuse and dont look like that...I gotta TRY harder...THANKS for the tip !

I'm talking physical abuse Ken,not self abuse

Im talking " physical " too.............ever had a WHOLE BEER display fall on you ?

Physical? .. OMG so it´s true... Annie beats you up!!!!!

You know I have only known Adrian for 12 months!!!!!
(I won't admit to beating Adrian up ....... But I am helping him maintain his ruggedly handsome good looks by increasing his level of physical activity!!!) Smiley-wink

I knew that Annie.. Without Youy he would remain that spoiled ugly teenager he used to be.. LOL

BTW... Skype?

What is your Sykpe username Marek (I dont have it on my iPad) and ill give you a call Smiley-laughing

Skip the Ipad.. start you puter.....

Check your messeges...

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