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Harley Davidson 100th anniversary in Australia

Harley Davidson 100th anniversary in Australia

The 100th birthday celebrations are under way in earnest. Bill Davidson (great-great grandson of one of the founders) is in Australia visiting major east coast dealerships. Tonight he was here at the Canberra dealership and I attended the party. Bill gave a great speech ... very passionate about HDs, motorcycling and Australia. A great night!


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They are a nice ride I believe. Hang on. I rode one! A Fat Robert or something like that.

You don't need to be so formal Phil ... you can call him Bob.

Hey Phil, saying you rode a fat Robert could be taken a whole different direction.

Yes, careful with that saying

Phil, and you think I am a sick demented one. DId you notice Paintcan's comment? What do you think about that?

Me? No, not me. Just pointing out the obvious but Phil must have had a few too many because it looks like his memory is a bit fuzzy about the experience.

I was reminding Phil about a comment and you tube link I put in the discussion about which side of the bike do you mount it from.

I know, bob and Tom can be hilarious

Ok guys. I was just trying to point out that at some stage in my life I have mounted a Fat Robert motorcycle. It was Vardy's personal Fat Robert. It was one of those things that you try and only vaguely remember. A bit like Chinese. A few minutes after you've had some, you want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok Phil, I know, the beer made you do it. LOL

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