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Have I got MBS?

Have I got MBS?

I was out shopping today and look what ended up in my shopping cart Smiley-laughing


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Thats my girl! Smiley-laughing

Whoo Hoo!
Go Annie!

You have certainly got 'Good Taste'.

HMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't resist.... Absolutely fell in love with it !!! Biggrin

A match made in heaven

that is why I never go shopping to just look as can't resist the temptation

Congrats Annie it looks fantastic ,enjoy the wind the road and the people .See you on the road and stay safe my friend .

Well ... that makes Aussie CCC girl #3 that's gone that path. 250 Intruder to 650 V Star Classic. Dim, Coz and now Annie. Well done.

Bloody well done. Great choice. You will love it to death. Now you can talk to the others about bling, performance mods and converting it from a motorcycle to a money pit. Dim would love to help you with it and There will be no end of advice from the CCC crowd.

Thanks so much for your comments guys!
I have to admit, the Ararat weekend probably made me get 'itchy feet' for the VStar a bit sooner than I had originally intended! Dim's was just awesome, and talking to her about her experiences with her VStar sold me.
When we saw this one I was hooked ! Smiley-laughing

Adrian KEEP ANNIE away from you know who!!!!!

Nice ... but whats with the ladies and the VStars? You are the fourth one that I know of that have purchased a VStar. Maybe I can talk my wife into getting her permit and her own machine. Anyway enjoy your ride and ride safe out there.

Denis...Annie might be able to sell you a 250 to get your wife started on.....

Congratulations Annie you've got great taste in bikes.

Mark I have no idea who you are talking about. Maybe I'm a little 'Dim' at times. I guess now Wayne won't be able to keep up with me or Annie now Smiley-laughing

it must be hard being DIM

I'm glad you said Dim...and not dim......

How many Dims have we got here??????????? Beachy you are not a LITTLE Dim. Dim is a little Dim. I don't think Dim finds it hard being DIm She has had many many many years of practice!!

Annie, you look very pleased and comfortable on that bike. Enjoy it!

Funny thing is it is at a Harley shop and they can't belove it sold quicker than a Harley. I can! They are a very easy to sell bike, and when the price is right you just have to go for it. Steve I think he looks a little more than pleased with it and I may even have to ride it occasionally too

I'm not making any little jokes Phil!

I din't make any little jokes either!!
I was being quite serious!!

Congrad's, very nice, look forward to seeing it.

Thats a big smile you got on your face there! I am sure you will enjoy that big blue monster. Looks real nice.

Well done Annie - love the colour. When I bought my first cruiser it was a close run thing between the VStar 650 and the bike I actually bought. Congratulations - enjoy!

Congratulations Annie O

You won't be able to resist beachy, Twice I've come close to buying one of these tasty little morsels.

Thanks everyone!
I guess I do look like the cat that got the cream in the photo.... I certainly feel like it !!!!! Smiley-laughing
Can't wait to get out and about on her ... will be able to show her off at Angaston!

I had one a few years ago and kinda curse getting rid of it at times Matt. I think the real reason Annie liked that one is because it has the gunslinger seat and there is no way either of us will pillion on that!

You are a shining star. great choice it looks fantastic

Nice classic. I see it already has the V&H pipes. How about some mre details, year, kms, accessories etc?

Hagar !!!!
Why did you give my photo the 'thumbs down' ??? Cray 2

its pure jealousy Annie, He thought it came with a Chai Latte machine as well

Nup. Not going anywhere near this one!!!!

Thanks Norm! I've started a list!
(I think I'm already developing Chromies disease) Lol

Annie, you are developing "poverty"!!!!!

Sorry Annie fat fingers and small key pad are to blame ,it wont happen again .................i hope

No I think that is me Phil. We may need to take another trip to Sydney so I can pay for the accessories;)

Trust me. She has caught it!!!

That's ok Hagar (using the iPad again??)
I'll forgive you because you have such a lovely smile!! Smiley-laughing

Well where the hell did he hide it in Ararat????

Well done Annie, there's nothing like an up grade to a better bike........

oh thats wicked

Nice choice Annie.............I hope your not upgrading before your ready too.......
Re: MBS..........two bikes don't qualify you for that

stay out of this cole

Oh!!! Ok! Can I join in again next week???

I bought this for my custom:

And theres lots more depending upon how deep your pockets are!

Phil, Hagar saves his smile for the special people Smiley-wink
Peter, six months on the Intruder has given me the confidence to move up to the Vstar
I agree that 2 bikes doesn't qualify for MBS, but we have 4 now .... That's getting close ! Lol
Norm, a tank cover is on my list! It's great having so many options for the VStar, there were virtually none for the Intruder!

Sweet bike! I love my V-Star!


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