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He beat me

He beat me

Dakota 12 (green and white fletchings)

 Madzuki 10 (orange and white fletchings)


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What distance were you shooting?

Beachy, always unmarked distances at 3d animal targets. Great fun !
March 8th is my fist out door one for this year, might be a little cold (-3c forecast)

So that was from 3' away? Smiley-wink

It would be hard pulling back on the bow in that temp. Would hurt like a b!tch if you forgot to roll your forearm as well

HA HA !! That was a small goat at about 26 yards.
I've done the arm slap.... I don't advise it !!

Great shooting.

Good shooting Richard however we have a small herd of pet goats here so I guess you can't visit unless ou leave the bow and arrow home Smiley-wink

Where I go, so does the bow. How many goats you got ???

What do you do with your goats Beachy?

Don't mind Bow shooting, But only for Target fun not hunting

Deebs theyare our pets and law mowers. One has taken a shine to Steve Turbo though

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