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They would'nt let me in, They said i had already been thrown back, & That they were full, Me thinks they lied, This is an entrance to a farm on the Hay Plains, on the main road that goe's from NSW & Victoria to South Australia, Very, Very boring road, as there in nothing but flat paddocks for miles & miles, The Hells Angels must have found this site funny, as there was one of there stickers on the fence post. I-m so happy ^^ I-m so happy


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I've been led to believe that HELL is DOWN and HEAVEN is I'm confused.....

Ive been past there many times but never been tempted too enter lol

I think he's sitting on it.

At least now when my time is up I won't have to stop for directions ha-ha

I'm confused too as everyone tells me where to go and I never remembered this in the directions.

OH GOOD ONE MATE. LOL LOL LOL, Directions are easy= U go down the red tunnel, until you get to the red door, go thru red door, there you'll meet a red man, He will take you to a red room, once in the red room, your there. Yahoo *yahoo* Yahoo

Wacko :$ Wacko

Yeah Al...have seen thgis place many times. Always have a chuckle as we go by.


Yep. We'll be going by there again in a couple of weeks.

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