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helment carrying strap idea

helment carrying strap idea  This is a nice idea but I feel the price is a bit too much.  One can make one for at least half that price.



NO!!! I'm not caring any one else's helmet. They want to ride they can get their own helmet.

Could be an idea when you don’t want to let your helmet on your bike but I agree Wayne. Take your own helmet...

I got all I can do carrying my own stuff

I'm with scruffy!!

Maybe the picture is misleading, the strap idea is for use with your own helmet for those who don't have a way to lock it to their bike or in a trunk. One of the guys here in Medford had his helmet stolen when he had left it on his bike. The strap enables you to free up your hands while having the helmet with you.
And yes, I'm not carrying some other GUY's helmet but a cute lady like my wife, now that is a different story. Then again, i put helmet locks on each side of the bike for when we go for a ride.

Im kinda thinking this guy is lucky he's carrying an extra helmet according to what is standing in the back ground.......

I'm thinking along those lines Todd...If carrying a helmet gets that sort of pick up then I'm in. I need all the help I can get cause I broke the 'chick magnet' that apparently comes with my bike the day I bought it...Lol!!!

I am still not packing my helmet around on a string. let the bastards steel the smelly sweaty thing. Then I'll just get a new one. I have been riding for over 40 years and never had any thing ripped off my bikes. I have been in some very strange places where you would think the stuff would get stolen but never happened.

"Is that a helmet you're carrying, or are you just glad to see me?"

I'm with Todd, if that's the type of pillion passenger you can get I'll carry a spare helmet anyday.

Helmet locks don't deter thieves - I had my lid cut off the BMW back up in Brisbane in the late 70's - I was just left with a couple of Double 'D's and a bit of strap in the helmet lock .... best thing to do with low lifes is cut their fingers off - it might stop them from picking anything up then ...

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