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I mean .. ANOTHER JOB..
ANY job which is HUMAN!!!!

Are you still driving bus?

Come on over I can get you a job. I'm retired so I can relate to your plight.. Jobs suck..

Yeah... it’s Europe, but maybe it works everywhere the same. Age is counting (born ‘60), living in Sweden for over 30 years... but suddenly you’re not real Swedish but Polish. It seems so easy because they ask for people everywhere, but when you aply for a job there seem to be other “rules” to give you that job... They want 18 years old, high educated, 30 years life experiance and at least 5 years job experiance!

And then, they'll want you to to train your new Boss.

Mixed emotions, nice to see you on the site and a really super great video on Facebook, but on the other hand not nice to have you in despair. Hang in there.

Maybe a beta tester who would test riding gear like gloves, jackets, etc. could be a good 'Ride for a Job'. Not sure if it exists, but it's fun to dream for a bit...

Send your curriculum vitae to these guys. You never know.

It could be like me. We got bought by Entertainment Cruise. They fired all of management and replaced them with there own. It was a living hell. I gave them back the keys and time card and told them the place is out of control. Now I'm a retail merchandiser, its so boring.

And popular myth would have us believe that Sweden is a welcoming country for “foreigners”. Doesn’t look like it!

It was and stil is what they like to show the outside world like many other countries in western Europe including Holland Peter. But the reality is a very different story, specially the last few years.

Something to think about.
The metropolitan area of Chicago (not the city itself) is inhabited by approximately 1.5 million people of Polish descent.
The Staropolska Restaurant on North Milwaukee has Tyskie on tap.

The city of Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria has the largest population of Greeks outside Greece ... bigger than New York. Some estimates suggest Melbourne has the second largest concentration of Greeks after Athens. 25% of the Australian population is foreign born and a further 25% have at least a parent or grandparent born overseas. My grand daughter has the following ethnicities in her DNA: Greek, Italian, German, English, Welsh, Russian, Macedonian and Australian Aboriginal.

Rough times mate !
Wish for you all Good ! Smiley-laughing

Plenty of low pay jobs here. Gas station stuff mostly,

The hemp farmers need someone to pick, paying $20-25/hr. Better than fast food, problem is seasonal unless one works into the processing of it also.

Do they need "testers" too ?
Just askin` ! Smiley-wink

Truck drivers, oilfield bus drivers can make over $100k year up here. I'm a partsman at John Deere and make $60k year....wages are pretty good in my area. I stopped driving truck 2 years ago just for a break but this coming spring I plan to jump back in the seat as its very good money. It will get even busier once we get rid of the current political party.....

I'm going to suffer though with this land job for now. In early spring boat jobs open up. I cant wait.

Oh no Todd!!! If Trudeau loses we will be robbed of greats entertainment ... especially his Bollywood dancing skills !!!!

Politics sure have taken a turn last short years hey, makes me think I'm just having a very long nightmare.......

Maybe you guys can get Red Green to run for Prime Minister.

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