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Hey AllenEllis flashing right back at you

Hey AllenEllis flashing right back at you

Can you see me now?  The important thing is I can see.



Always good to be viable

Very bright !

4500 LM, this is the second bulb I've tried. Tried a 800 LM not good enough for me, but was brighter than stock.

Drew, if you look hard enough you can find a brighter light bulb

The first bulb I got from china $8 free shipping. The second bulb I got for $8 and 2.99 shipping from china. The second one has a fan on it to keep it cool. I think that will do. Now for the passing lights. Those dim yellow lights you see in the picture. The ones I gonna get i think are only 2300 Lumins each. While the headlight is 4500 Lumins.

First bulb

Second bulb

Passing lamps

A lot of Lumins...9100 lumins total...woo hoo

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