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High School Playoffs Over

High School Playoffs Over

My son's highschool team playoff run came to an end this past weekend.  They made it all the way to the third round (State Regional Quarter Finals), but couldn't finish off their opponent in the last game of the three game series.  Aidan pitched well that game, but ended up being the losing pitcher even though he only allowed two unearned runs and only walked one while on the mound (6 1/3 innings).  Infield errors caused the runs and our team only had one hit.  Both the errors and the lack of offense was totally uncharacteristic for our boys all can be a cruel sport!  

Nevertheless, it was mighty fun going deep into the playoffs and watching this team play well.  My son Aidan pitched his heart out during the playoffs...his mom and myself coulden't be prouder!

Now with baseball done, maybe I can get some riding in!



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Good effort, regardless. All sports have their cruel moments ...

There is always winners and losers. When you do your very best you still played a winning game. Still should be proud of all the work and effort put into it. Like you said now you can ride.. Have a great summer of riding.

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