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The highest mountain in Barneveld (60m), our local garbage beld...

The highest mountain in Barneveld (60m), our local garbage beld...


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wow a hill your bikes looking really good

Bike is looking good Gert

A hill is a hill...even if it's a garbage heap!

Gert, you may enjoy this Texas music group,

A hill!! Did you need an oxygen mask?? LOL. Bike looks good.

Thanks Charlie, never saw or listened to their music before!

I couldn’t wait for my next smoke Bill! The smell overthere is terrible!

Is that where the Dutch National downhill ski team trains, Gert?....... Smiley-wink

So when you get a flood, everyone moves to the top of the tip?
Glad you got out anyway!

LOL, Booger almost leaves taller piles digging for moles. Or that is the excuse he gives me. I think he is digging a hole to bury the Rebel in so I pay more attention to him.

Looks a bit small from here. Nice you got a ride

Looks more like a bump. Smiley-wink Great shot Gert.

Hey Gert - How is the bike going ? Looks like you got it well setup ... Is it easier to manage than Big Red ? Looks comfy ... Cheers mate - Ride Safe .....

It’s 85 kilo’s less weight and that’s a lot... the bike is about the same size, I mean... the riding positition etc. I did a few little rides now and I start to get used to my new bike. Comfortable enough, I do want a driversbackrest, that’s for sure but it can wait. I just have to find one and it has to be one matching a mustang seat and not all backrests do... I did about 300 km now and I think I did the right thing to change my bike... I’m happy with the new one!

Glad to hear. The weight does make a difference. I wish the Bird was as easy to back around and move around like the Rebel, that is 500 lbs difference. The advantage of the weight is don't feel as many bumps except for that one near Dubois WY that caused Valerie to wreck.

They are a classic bike Gert, she looks good mate. Glad your out and about now, enjoy the weather.

Your V-Star is looking awesome Gert. Glad to see you riding, we finally have great riding weather here also.

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