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Highway 89, Montana (just outside Choteau)

Highway 89, Montana (just outside Choteau)

Another shot from our ride to Great Falls a couple of weeks ago.


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Great shot.

Wonderful shot

Great shot.

Ditto on the Great shot.

Nice spot for a photo. Nice ride to Great falls too.

Wee stop? No trees that I can see. Lol

I gotta tell ya Len, that Valkyrie sure does stand out!

Charlie, it didn't seem to matter where we were, I was getting asked about it; a flag man at a road construction site on 89 stood and looked at it for the longest time before coming over. He said "I just gotta ask, what IS that?". The next day, just after this photo was taken, we stopped in Choteau for gas, and a bus load of tourists were at the station. Many looked, but one stopped, looked, pointed at my bike and said "that's a Harley, right?". I said nope, THAT one is (pointing at Rich's Ultra). He also asked, "what IS that?" My buddy Rich takes it all in stride. He says there are thousands of Harley's on the road, but the Valkyrie is rare enough, and special enough, to draw people to it. You probably already know that!

Charlie, Len do you guys get mistaken for Rocket 111's? I do regularly even by Rocket owners.

That hasn't happened to me yet, Al. Most people just don't seem to know what to make of it.

I love the styling, my buddy has 2 of them. They're big and heavy enough that he put a car tire on the rear. I'm not a fan of that but I've seen him lean far enough to scrape so the tire must do ok.

PC, most put the car tyre on coz it's cheaper and lasts longer than a bike tyre. Not really to do with the weight of the bike. More the weight on the wallet. Personally, if that's the way they want to run, it's their decision. I prefer to use a tyre that was designed for a motorcycle. Each to their own. A mate has one with a bike tyre, the other has a car tyre.

I'm with you, Al. I'll stick with a bike tire. I get very good mileage out of my Dunlop Elite 3's. about 14,000 km since I put them on last summer, and they're barely worn. Should get, at least, another 14,000 on them - maybe more

That's good Len. I got the same miles on a Dunlop and was almost afraid to ride it to the shop for a new one

What did you replace it with, Allen?

Perili Dragon. Had a good ride. I traded that bike for the Goldwing. So don't know how many miles I would've gotten out of it

The best wear I've been able to get was a set of metzeler me888 but the casing is hard so they don't ride as smooth as most tires. I sold the bike with about 3000 miles on them with no visible wear. After 4000 miles my Dunlop 404's were showing cords.

Paintcan, I've been there and done that with showing cords on a Dunlop 404. I have been running the ME880's and currently, the ME888 ever since with pleasing results.

I usually run Metzellers 880s on the Valk. Running Metzellers Ultra's on the Oldwing. Done 6k so far. Seem pretty good. Half of that was two up and towing the camper trailer.

Len, I've gotten better than 18,000 miles (≈29,000 km) on Elite 3's, so I think you're right on track!

Al, I've been asked the "Harley" question, but Hildr has never been mistaken for a Triumph Rocket III.

I have lot's of friends (mostly Valkyrie riders) who run a car tire on their bikes and swear by 'em. They call it "going dark side."
My take? Car tires are for cars and motorcycle tires are for motorcycles...that all.

Hildr, your last statement says it all

Yes Charlie I agree. One tyre was developed to operate on. A car. The other was designed and researched for a bike. I'm going for the one designed for a bike.

Me too! Smiley-laughing


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