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Hildr on RR 3232

Hildr on RR 3232

A beautiful 75˚F (24˚C) day today out in the Texas Hill Country.  Stopped along RR 3232 near Johnson City to enjoy the view and to snap a photo.


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Wish we had 75 degree weather here. Nice pic

4 days ago we had 70 degree weather, now back to 47 degree more like normal for this time of year

Great pic Charlie. Good to see you still getting rides in.

Terry, this year has been tough for me to get a lot of rides in. Most of the Spring and Summer were spent traveling with my son while he played in various baseball tournaments. When I wasn't traveling, I was working, so as to pay for those tournament travel expenses. I've been trying to take advantage of our warm Fall to make up for some lost rides, but work has been mighty busy. Nevertheless, sometimes I get to ride to work! (If I don't have to bring a bunch of equipment.)

Downtown Austin, Nov. 1st, 2017 photo IMG_5245_zpstuiuymda.jpg

Downtown Austin meeting. Free parking for motorcycles!

Bloody hell Charlie! Are you getting soft in your old age? Just noticed the wind deflectors.

Al...soft, but only in the right places!

Lol. Good to see you still getting some therapy in. Got out on the Oldwing Saturday and Sunday and was hoping to get out as much as possible with the boss this week....but rain predicted all week.

Unusually mild up my way also Charlie. I managed to get out on my Goldwing a couple of days ago, it had been over three weeks since I last rode it. Nice shot of Hildr in the wide open spaces.

Nice pic

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