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Hildr Trying to Blend In

Hildr Trying to Blend In

Rode out to the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) yesterday (4/20) to watch the Moto GP practice.  It was great fun with manufacturers showing off their newest bikes and gear, hosting test rides and generally having a good time along with everybody else.  Plenty of good food venders, too!  

Oh yeah, there were the race bikes...and holly cow, those guys are fast!

COTA has free parking for motorcycles on the Moto GP practice days and that's where I parked Hildr.  When I walked up to that parking lot at the end of the day, I chuckled to myself as I noticed how Hildr kinda stuck out like a sore thumb.  Blending in has never been one of her strong suits!



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I'll bet you can spot Hildr from a mile away

How did you get into the 'Sport Bike' parking area ??? No Problems locating your bike then ? Smiley-laughing
I have seen the guys of the MotoGP down at Philip Island here in Australia and YES they are extremely Fast - 340k down the main straight and the noise of those things at full throttle is something that sends shivers down your spine.
Glad you had yourself a great day ....
Ride Safe ....

Like a beacon in a sea of mediocrity

Pretty hard to miss her in there.

You all gotta try it some time, its like having a shot of industrial strength Adrenaline. Fastest I've been on my bandit was 260 km/h
And its so addicting, man I miss that bike. I would give both my
B.#%%s to have been a racer.....Billy knows what I speak about being that he was a drag bike racer. .....
What is the fastest all of you have been on a bike? Did you love it?

Charlie, you need to turn your bars upside down. No....that would be a waste of time. You still wouldn't fit in.

Your never going to lose her in that crowd. That would have been fun to attend
Todd Back in the 80's I had a KZ 1100 on the track I had it to 180 +mph. In the 2008 I had my 07 Stratoliner to 135 mph for about 6 miles. That was the speedo reading I did blow by a Yellow Corvette..That blew by me so I just had to ..That was fun..

Best looking bike on the parking lot

Much faster in my dreams, in reality, 105 mph. Over a 100 mph and if caught, there goes your license. The Rebel almost got busted this morning. Was about ready to do 45 in a 35 mph zone, but gut feeling said not to and sure enough, police car coming from the other way.
A blind man would be able to find Hildr easily.

sounds like a great day

Hildr is representing the AARP folk for sure in this crowd. Smiley-laughing

Maybe someday all those other bikes will grow up and be like hildr. Till then be proud that you have a real bike.

Whilst I wouldn’t give up my Valk ...or the 1800 Oldwing....I wouldn’t reject any of the other bikes in the puc either.

It definitely stands out Charlie.

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