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The Hill

The Hill

The street beside my house. 7% plus grade. This is the before picture. The city is going to do major improvements cutting it back, widening, reducing the grade, sidewalk etc.



Watch out Edwin! Now it's a nice small road, before you know it's a highway! LOL

The problem is that road gets narrower near the top and two school buses going in opposite directions is an invitation to disaster. It is often times not passable in winter even with 4 wheel drive. Nice deep ditches on both sides near the top. Comes to a tee at the bottom. During an ice storm a few years back , there were 8 cars off the road on the front street, a pickup totaled at the intersection and this is only the ones I could see from inside my house.

If they improve it, they might ruin our

Yes 7% grade and ice do NOT mix well unless you are into sledding

Wow, Edwin, you may be familiar with the runway over at the Lake of the Ozarks which has a 6% grade. I have taken off and landed on it many times. I remember one weekend on a group fly-out over there when one of my buddies overshot the upper end of the runway and didn't stop the airplane until he was in the back lot of a Shell service station. No one was hurt and no serious damage to the airplane.

Ice and an old school runner sled would be a blast on that hill,otherwise not so much during the winter

Sorry, Paintcan. There is no run off at the bottom. It comes to a T at the Stop sign then a sharp uphill embankment lined with trees.

We only live once, live it up! Maybe a good snowbank to stuff into?

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