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Hill Country Home

Hill Country Home

Came across this Texas Hill Country home situated on Chimney Valley Road in southern Blanco County.  Don't know anything about it, but there's gotta be a great history involved with it.



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Nice little fixer upper.

Green Acres?

Great photo. Is that 3d?

Just needs a little paint and chase the rattle snakes out of it.

Great pic Charlie.

Not 3D Steve...

I used a telephoto lens and then opened the aperture all the way. That creates a short depth of field. This lens setting not only compresses the background, it makes the background go out of focus -- which draws your eye towards Hildr the Valkyrie who is in focus.

Here's another photo with all camera and lens settings the same except for the focal length...
Chimney Valley Road (Wide) photo Chimney Valley Road 2_zps5yo8bdfk.jpg

As you can see, the photo looks less 3D and maybe a little more similar to what your eye might see if you where standing there.
FYI, I was standing much further away from Hildr (across the road) in the first photo and much closer in the second photo.

Tricky stuff mate, great result!

See you can trick the eye.

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