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It's a worry!


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LMAO ..Something about this picture just ain't right. They both seem to be enjoying it waaay to much. LOL......This a photo that needs a caption.

not wrong Annie

LMAO too. They are both W A Y to happy about the situation....

Annie, Adrian looks way too excited!
Come to think of it, Rob doesn't look sad either. Smiley-laughing

I agree!!! Ummm, I just don't know???

Does he seem to be holding just a little to tight...or is it just me???

Yeah, dat aint right, dat just aint right!

Ah yes..good old brotherly love.... LOL

Oh My!?!? Should we be worried?

I agree Bruce.... captions welcome!!! Biggrin

Oh I feel all tingly !!!!!!!!!!! Just hurry up Beachy

Annie, did Adrian come home with his ankles around Rob's head? lol

There just isn't enough room for two on that bike!!

I do believe this involves a bet in something like you can't dump me.

you guys sure look cute together

Thats just soooo wrong in so many ways.

MMMMMM not so sqeazy or is it. Togethernes togetherness.

Sorry guys I just couldn't resist. rob is just soooooo cuddly.

we can see how eager you are Beach. The look on your face tells the storey.

Annie; You should have a very serious talk with Adrian......

OMG... mates?... with that sort of hugs?... more and more reasons to think if I want to get downunder...

LMAO thats just WRONG!!!

That thing should be RESTRICTED!

Yep, uh huh, and ditto to all above. Annie you have definitely got to have a talk with them both. A little to tight and way to happy about it. Uh huh. What they said.

My Shadow wouldn't put up with that; she'd buck you off so fast your tailbones wouldn't be able to ride another bike, ever! Oh wait, you're safe; its a Harley... LOL

LOL.."skin off a custard!" My favourite version is "couldn't pull a sailor off your sister"

Some one is enjoying the ride. two timer! lol

It's OK Al, I was only repaying him for the kiss he sent to Sydney for you.

Adrian...I didn't send him what you're doing! lol
Rob, are you shaving first?

That much enjoyment on a stationary bike is weird

So I embellished a it Al... I trout you would like that ;). Remember this was after our stay at the cross. I think it influenced me a bit

Actually, you've all got it wrong. Beachy was so scared at the prospect of Rob doing a full power Harley take off, he thought he might fall off if he didn't hang on tight ... !!!

That is because he tied to plow that he normally tows to my waist Pete! Biggrin

aha... we all got it wrong including other people on that photo who also turned their heads to see the "real" reason ah?
Btw was the picture taken on 14Feb?

Yes Alec it was. Beachy is whispering sweet nothings in Rob's ear.....

The beard too? lol

lol. Bloody idiot. Get to work.

Did it take you long to find the ant? How long to make him bite you? lol

Ah, not here. Just had the pest controller in. Coz wants her money back. I'm still here. lol

The job would have been done if she spent more money. lol

I didn´t know Coz was so cheap... I don´t believe you Al.. Probably you was hiding in shed when pest controller was in your house!!!

No, he found me. He said

"Fat controller, where is Thomas the tank engine?"......

Thomas the tank engine was broken?????

I have also ridden Harley's that would'nt pull the crust off a soft pie

Pretty much like a Honda 1100 Dood??

Well Annie's 250 will be up for sale soon if you want something with a bit of grunt! LOL

No, the Honda 1100's I've had went pretty well. And I've had HD riders just as interested in my 1100 as I was in their HD.

No, I got you Rob. But I do misunderstand a lot of

Don't mind a female hanging on like that,BUT, I don't care how close a mate he is, no bloke is hanging onto me like that


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