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HOG Chapter

HOG Chapter

Out with my HOG chapter


Own Photo: 


Very prominent red, white and blue Rick! Smiley-wink

I don't understand why the man at the other side of the street needs a hand above his eyes to see you..... Is he a pillow rider or is he riding a own bike, his view doesn't seem too good to me if he needs to do that to see you! Smiley-laughing

It suits you, looks great!

Looks good Rick.

Great looking colours Rick. Perfect looking day for it to. How big is the chapter.

Active members, around 50.


Great pic Rick .... thanks. 250 active members is a lot .... well done!

I'm interested to see the winged skull HOG logo. Not seen that one before. Is it a local thing or an alternative official HOG patch?

New from HOG USA last year. It is an official patch.

Interesting ! Maybe it was Willie G's parting gift .... he does like skulls!

Good looking patch I-m so happy

Great patch, I like it.

That's an awesome patch Rick.

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