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Hogs Ride here we come

Hogs Ride here we come

Packed and ready to ride, leaving Saturday and heading to Walcha.


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See you there mate!

I hope that you all have the best Ride ever.

Yep can't wait

Looks like you packed a little light. Enjoy and be safe

Have a great time all you guys.. It is going to be way better than watching leaves fall.

Have a great time!!

Have a fantastic time Spratty. Your Nomad looks great as always.

Appears you have the packing down to bare essentials. I have done that over several trips.

Thanks all, really looking forward to it.

I have packed the tent, cott, chair, sleeping bag, air matteress, pillow, wet weather gear, tool kit, compresser, puncture repair kit, jump starterer, spare gloves and a pair of thongs (footwear) all in the panniers. The top box will hold a few clothes...

Lookin good

Very tidy packing job Spratty!

And again as I see your bike... I really like the way you have your luggage bag mounted on the passenger seat... have a nice trip Spratty and be safe!

Thanks Gert, yeah will be great, hoping the weather is good

Safe travels Dave. The same for the rest of you guys too.

Thanks Al

Very tidy packing job Dave ... safe travels to all of you

Looking good Dave. Enjoy the trip

Great.... turned the bike around in the garage for a quick get away in the morning, she seemed really heavy. I thought I know its not overloaded.

Yep a flat tyre, looks like I've picked up a screw in the rear tyre.

Plugged and test ridden, ready to go.

Thats the 5th flat tyre from screws I've had since I got back riding in Feb 2013.

How many have others had over their time riding.

Dave...I think you've been screwed. Glad it's now and not on the road or first day out.

No luck picking up screws ever let alone in the last 4 years....LOL!!!.

I have had two in the last 10 years. Both installed plugs which lasted another 4000 miles. Have a grand time and NO more screws..

3 on the Victory in two weeks.
One on Indian.
All 4 have been rear tyres.
As you all know you cant plug a tube so I now run a mag wheel on the rear of the Vintage

3 in 2 weeks bloody hell Matt thats crazy. Least now you'll be able to plug the rear.

3 of mine where front the other 2 on the rear. It maybe equates to how many Kms are being covered i guess so the odds of getting a flat increase.

I've covered over 85000kms since i started back riding so maybe not too bad

Man you pack light. I would have duffel bags bungied down. Enjoy!

Hope you all enjoy the ride and keep safe.

One of the hazards of working in an industrial area Spratty.

Happy Travels Dave

Arrived at Walcha, pissed down rain most of the way and bloody cold. Shacked up at the Aspley arms hotel, great food good beer and warm..

Nice sun here today. Much better than Saturday.

Who is this Aspley person that you are shacking in a hotel while up in her arms? I guess I won't say anything after all, this is a Wild Hogs ride.

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