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Hogworkz head light

Hogworkz head light

My harley day maker kept fogging up in humid weather. I am told that they do that.... Not Good
So I got a Hogworkz one to replace it. Half the price, plug and play looks like good light. I will take her out tonight for a test ride



Guessing you did the work yourself. Good job. Hope it works for you

good guess. but there was no work really to it. Just take off the ring and unplug the old. Plug in the new and put the ring back. Not what I would call work

Let there be light ... and there was !

Can’t see anything... the light is so bloody bright and shining straight in my direction!

MY EYES!! I'm blind now. LOL. Looks good. hope it works good for you.

I hope it works well, it looks bright

They'll all be able to see you now better than ever.

You can see at night? Looks good.

Its great at night!!

That’s great to hear Val. Around here we have a lot of 4 legged pedestrians to look out for, and for some reason they all want to play “chicken” with us. It’s probably about the same around you. Ride safe.

It seems to be flashing on and off....oh....sorry. It's the lightening we're getting at the moment.

One needs all the light one can get when riding at night.

Very nice upgrade Val.

Good job Val.

Are you electrician now???

She is a certified sparky NOW

MAREK!!!!!!! Your alive!!!!! He'll I'll be whatever I can to save a buck. I have a trip to go on in June

Nice job Val. I know its easy but anything you do yourself is satisfying.

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