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Holiday in the south of Spain...

Holiday in the south of Spain...

Holiday in Spain.... there was a hurricane in Portugal yesterday, not far from where we stay at the south of Spain. We just had a storm, but the beaches look like this at the moment... today it will be nice and sunny weather again and I'm sure they will clean the beaches...


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Glad there was no personal injuries or real bad destruction.

That's a lot of driftwood!

You should have come to visit me, it is 24 C today and for the next several days. Yes we had a wee bit of wind yesterday that shook some leaves loose, but nothing like that.

WOW!! You two look good. How much fun are you having with the storm mess. Have a great time Gert.

Beach fire party!!!

Strange weather here. Very unusual.... south of Spain, normally nice weather this time of year. Now... rain and storm... but mostly during the night and sunny during daytime! Strange... realy strange....

I agree beach fire party.

Glad to know that the hurricane didn't impact you Gert.

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