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Hot Dam

Hot Dam

This was at hell's Canyon Dam, it was hot, would fill helmet with water and put it back on, just to cool down for bit while riding.



Yep, that is certainly hot, hope it wasn't like that for the whole rally.

Yup, that'll do it. Like Dub said, hope it wasn't that hot for the whole Rally.

Must be a Dam thing. We were at Hoover Dam 2 weeks ago and it was the same temp.

Yep just a bit warmer than when Scruffy and I were there. And that was early in the day before 1 PM. And to think 4 months you had posted a pic of snow all over your place.

Is that why they call it Hell's Canyon? That's hot

I'm sure you could use a nice cold drink at that time!!!

"'s a dry heat, right?"

I get amused when folks say is hot!

Stay hydrated and ride safe!

Charlie, I prefer this versus the 85-90 degree heat with 75+ % humidity. At least one can stay dry if not exerting themselves versus walking outside for just a few minutes and becoming clammy. Got to experience that on the east coast.

Our humidity today is 79 percent. It's miserable outside

Yes the humidity makes it colder in the winter and more miserable (clammy) in the summer. Doesn't take that high or low temp to make it the way either.

Oh ya I'd be toast there...would have to ride in a A/C vehicle for me.......I was in Maui this spring and it was +30 and didn't like that at uncomfortable for this Northern Canadian.......

I prefer cooler temperatures, got no problems riding down into freezing temperatures as long as I got traction on the bike

Same here Ben, my brain gets fuzzy when it is 90+ degree and that is not a good thing when riding a bike.

too hot...I would of been in a tent dying from heat stroke. good thing i had ear infection then

That is just one of the reasons to stay in a motel vs tent. The flipping heat being a low of 75 and warms quick

Yikes, way too hot.

I got my shirt finally even though I didn't get to go.

There will b a next time Drew

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