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Hot motor # 1 of 2

Hot motor # 1 of 2

Over the past few months a hotted up motor has been built for my Sportster Cafe Racer, by the man who built the bike in the first place, Kevin Dunworth of Loaded Gun Customs in Delaware. The motor is from a 1998 Buell Cyclone. It will fit straight into the 1987 Sportster frame of my Cafe Racer as the early Buell motors were based on Sportster 1200 engines. However, this motor has a 1275cc kit from Hammer Performance in Idaho (Google them ... they do amazing work), Thunderstorm heads with larger valves and a hot cam. It will be running a Mikuni HS42 carb and Dyna twin coil ignition. I'm hoping to get 100 rwhp when its properly dialled in on the dyno. The motor is now all assembled and powder coated  and will soon be test fired. Once that's all done, it will commence the long journey to Aus ... overland from Delaware to California and from there by sea to Melbourne and then by road to Canberra. I was hopeful of getting the motor installed and the bike sorted in time for "Throttleroll 2018" ... a custom bike show held in Sydney every year. However, I don't think I will make it on time. Maybe next year.



Too much ponies for me. It would get me in trouble.

She's going to run like a raped ape


Oh! wow!
I can't wait to hear & see that beast

Vardy...speed I feel the need for speed. Looks bloody awesome can't wait to hear and see it in action.

STRUTH - Now THAT is an ANALOGY !!! - "RUN like a RAPED APE" - It is one thing I never wish to see, what worries me is WHO or WHAT has Done the RAPING ... Better call in the SVU to deal with that ...
analogy - əˈnalədʒi/ - noun
noun: analogy; plural noun: analogies
a comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.
"an analogy between the workings of nature and those of human societies"

It will be nice to see the Finished Product - I DO like Hotted Up Engines and CAFE RACERS - There are some wild sportster based Cafe's out there ....
Keep us posted Please ...
Rode Safe ...

That sound like loads of fun. Maybe we can stop by Hammer Performance while we are heading to or from on the 2018 trip..

If we do that Wayne I could pick up the air cleaner i want and bring it back in my suitcase ... and save freight !

Sweet! Can I have the old donk?
When is Throttleroll this year?

Not sure Steve ... but I know it’s in the earlier part of the year. Not going to work out for me. The old motor is an 1100/4 speed ... collectible ... not many of them around. I’m going to get it reconditioned and then into storage filled up with preserving oils. If/when the Sporty is sold, the original motor will go with it.

I'm clearing out the storage area as I type.

Goodonya Matt ... look forward to the day when I can offer you a ride on the Cafe ...

....and me too Peter?

Yeah ... you too Terry ... I think you are old enough !

The big 70 this year Peter. Is that too old? Smiley-wink

All strength to ya mate! I reckon you’ve made the cut

Wow Vardy you will need to ease up on the throttle once that beast is in the racer. Very nice, but expensive I'll bet. As usual shipping fee's from the US will hurt.

Ray .... 1/2 to 1/3, the price of getting it done here. Freight cost will be marginal because it’s going in a container bringing in motorbikes. You gotta research these things in detail otherwise you will get burned !

Hey Peter if you do happen to need a hand with anything just give me a holler - ok .... I am only a bit over an hour away .... The offer is there for you anyway ....
I do want to make a run up to the ACT in the not too distant future as I would like to meet up with the guys up there and you are on the list ... if it is ok with you that is .. ???
Do you think it would it be possible to get those in the ACT all together at the same time & place for a meet up ?
I know - according to the listing of members that there are Yourself, Dubster, Marko, Hagar1 & Keanster1 ....
I am not sure of how many are active here or how many you know but it would be nice to say G'Day to you all in person if possible - Maybe over a Beverage - Coffee or a Beer/Bourbon or whatever ....
Let me know what you think please ... -- I am flexible with time as well seeing as I am on a pension ....
Regards -
Greg (frostbite)

Put him to work Peter. Me on the other hand, don't put me to work at least on the mechanic side of the bike. I can polish it well, but that be about it. Been known to do pretty good at grillin on the barbie.

Vardy research is crucial, when getting prices from overseas. That will be nice to see when finished.

Thanks Greg. I’ve been thinking of riding to Cooma to meet up over a coffee. Hagar (Mark) is not active on the site any more and I’ve never heard of Marko. Dub is active and while Keanster (Peter) isn’t active he knows what’s going on as he’s Dub’s brother in law .

So, basically just Yourself & Dubster - Maybe we should wear Spanish Outfits with big Sombrero's when we meet up - The 3 Amigos ??? Smiley-laughing
It would be great to catch up and have a good old rave about bikes & life or just bikes.
I will message you with some details - ok ...
Cheers - Ride Safe -

Man, that bike will be sweeeeeet! Smiley-laughing

Hey Steve ... great to hear from you ... been a looooong time. Look forward to catching up in Alexandra next month!

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