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House warming gift for my son's new place

House warming gift for my son's new place

This is my sons gear. I got the Strat pritty good but the Les Paul just don't look right



Yeah, the angle of the neck seems different from the angle of the body. Just saying. That's my perspective. lol.

Yes that's it. I was just to close to see it. Thanks, fix is on the way

Just change the angle of the frets and see if that doesn't do it.

Sex, drugs and rock n roll baby!! Waiting for the other two.

Keep on waiting Smiley-laughing

Back in the boot, Peter.

"Purple Haze"....

Nevertheless...awesome painting! I like the Les Paul. Looks like it was painted from the heart!

His new place, is it also in the direct neighborhood you live? Well done on the painting!

No Gert, It's about 6 mi away, That's nice though cause it keeps him from raiding my frig all the time LOL

So now you can go to his house and open the frig and stare into it. In a moment he'll fuss because your trying to cool all of Texas. You can then smile and proclaim you have become your Mother.

But 6 miles... that’s just around the corner isn’t it? Specially in US as you are used to much bigger distances... you better do a lock on the freezer!!! LOL

I don't know, just basted a fatty of "time warp" and it looks great to me........

Keep On Rockin' the Blues Away .....
Ride Safe ....

Well done Val!

Music, art, & motorcycles; 3 of my favorite things!

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