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How to embed a Photobucket Album?

How to embed a Photobucket Album?

Update 3/8/13:
This feature has bee replace by the Photo Chooser app.

When you view your photo album on Photobucket you'll see a "Feed for this Album" link on the bottom left of the page (red circle in the above photo).
Right click on that link and copy it. Then embed into the "Photo Album RSS link" box when you add a new photo.

Update 1/31/13:
Photobucket seems to have switched all customers to their beta site and that site doesn't offer the RSS sharing option. Hopefully they'll add it soon.




I just tried this with my Photobucket account (created a slideshow of an album) and I get a message saying:
Photo Album: This video provider is not currently supported.

Uwe..any ideas?

Hi Steve,
can you send me that RSS link and also the link the the Photobucket album page?

Hi Uwe,
slideshow link:

Re your RSS help page example, the webpage looks different on P-bucket. Note, I am not using the "new" p-bucket webpage.

cool. The rss link is
when you embed that link it should work just fine.

I saw that but didn't think it was in the preferred slideshow order?
Ok, will try it out here on my original pic post.

Hi Steve, got the response from Photobucket - not too helpful Smiley-cry

Billy (Photobucket Customer Support Home)
Dec 04 04:04 pm (MST)

Check out this link on how to get to your album settings:

From there, you have some limited options regarding your sort order. I'm not sure how your feed is ordered, but all our sorting options will be located under the album settings tab.

Have a good day,

Billy @Photobucket Support

Thanks Uwe, I had seen that but still not sure about where the RSS feed option is actually selected for a slideshow? Is it the "See More" hyperlinklink on the Share Album at the right, followed by the "Get Link Code" ? I haven't seen any links with the words RSS contained within the hyperlink.

I finally worked out the album sort option (other than Billys advice) in that you can sort the album pics
by selecting the "Organize" tab and sort by varying method eg oldest, newest, or click and drag.
However, you cant do this on the album when selected under "All Albums" which is where you select 'View as a slideshow' and presumably get your link (either a link or an RSS feed link)

Hi Steve,
you just bring up the album on photobucket. For example, on your profile you'll select "recent albums", then "Steve Nov 2012 ride pictures"

Then scroll all the way down and copy the link "Feed for this album"

Let me know if that makes sense

Roger that..seems I hadn't gone all the way to the bottom of the page.
I was looking at the 2 right hand boxes for options, plus the album options at the top plus the Choose Options at the bottom of the album. It never occurred to me that it would be right at the bottom of the webpage. Odd that the album page is not sorted using the RSS feed link, and yet it is sorted as I prefer on the All Albums option.
Thanks Uwe.

no problem. It will probably change again on their new website layout ...

OK so am trying to upload the RSS link like you mentioned above, however, says video link for this not supported:

Can't figure. Went from current Photobucket to the Blue version, seized the RSS feed for the album but can't get it to run into CC.

How figure?

Hi Skeep, it should be working now. Photobucket uses all those different subdomains (feed1358 in your example) and I currently have to enable them manually. Trying to get that fixed ...
sorry about that

Tried again using Photo Albums but no luck. Can't figure. I know I can put as a Video but trying to use the photos as a slideshow.

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