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How to embed Picasa Photo Albums?

How to embed Picasa Photo Albums?

Update 3/8/13:
This feature has bee replace by the Photo Chooser app.

When you view your photo album on Picasa you'll see a "RSS" link in the right hand side, see red circle in photo.
Right click on that link and copy it. Then embed into the "Photo Album RSS link" box when you add a new photo.

Please also make sure the album permission is set to "public on the web" otherwise the album won't show.



Cool Uwe, No end's to you talent's mate

you can see the album in action here:

It passes the test Uwe.

Uwe - it works perfectly and is very cool feauture!
What you have to do is make sure that the Album is published on the webb - it CAN NOT be PRIVATE.....


Yeah, that's a great catch Marek, thank you! I'll update the instructions

Uwe, mine doesn't have the RSS on the right hand side. Picasa 3

hmmm, can you send me a link to the Picasa album you want to embed? I'll have a look ...

I can't fly it Uwe, only stuff I 've got is the
old photos that were brought across when
I installed the program, pretty pc nonsavvy
here :(

Hey Uwe, it appears that Google has removed the RSS feeds and merged picasaweb with google plus now. Im not sure if we can use picasa for web albums now as it takes me to my google plus page.

Im trying to link up with


Picasaweb is still active and the RSS is still there but the default for Picasa now seems to be the google plus account . I just typed picasaweb into the browser and it took me straight to my page.

Yes Adrian. Coz tried to do some stuff all day yesterday through Picasa but got so frustrated that she eventually gave up.

You have to go to the instead of using the google account Al. Then it will give you the old picasa web site with the RSS feed

Thanks, Adrian!
I had problems today using a Picasa link. I had to change the link from https to http and it worked. We'll make some change to do that automatically.

That will bet the devil out of what I've been doing. I have been sending it to myself from Picasa, then open it up so I could drag & drop into my photos then I would get it from there. Thank's

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