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How to visit Nine States in a Weekend.

How to visit Nine States in a Weekend.

Once around the State and home.
Just for Laughs, here's the unoffical state song.



Guess I'll have to do that when I semi-retire and start filling in my state map visited book.

Man! Don't you just love 1970s men's fashion !

Actually, you could do the Missouri/Tennessee Loop. Ride around Missouri until you hit Tennesee then around Tennesse and back to Missouri.Both Missouri and Tennesee border 8 States. Fill your book up a little faster. LOL

I'm still wearing my 70's fashion stuff. Tshirts ,blue jeans and tenny runners. Never changed. All my T shirts have bikes or car pic on them. The wife thinks I'm old fashioned. I did give up the cowboy stuff.

LOL.... And now I'm wearing your leather vest you gave up Wayne! WTF about old fashioned or not, it fits, it's comfortable to wear and it suits very well! What else do you need? Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Scruffy, Scruffy,Scruffy. Some days i wonder about you. Other days you remove all doubt. Guess what today is!!!!

Going to be some interesting conversation come this April.

I thought it was Wednesday until the wife said we have to go to the bar , am on Whiskey time. Time for another tall cool one. With ST Paddy's day I have a big cold BEER chaser. They all seem to just run together one good day after another. Tomorrow after the crack of 9 eat breakfast, by 10:30 open the shop spin my whiskey tree around and take a little shot. Then maybe head out to a buddy's hot rod shop and bug him a while. Now it's 1:30 so NAP TIME head home take a short snoozzzzz. NOW it's 3:30 so Spin the tree take a nice little hit. Then try and fix something, maybe get the steam cleaner going now that it's not going to freeze. Get a spot ready for Randy (triumphin) next week. now it's 4:30 time for a little rest or maybe install the battery in the lawn mower. OR maybe NOT.

Bring your whiskey tree. If that is too big. Bring the whiskey.

Wayne, had to mow the lawn for the 3rd time already. It's a good thing you don't have any weiner dogs as they bounce your bed around before 7:30 am saying they need to be fed.

I did manage to get the battery in the mower. Pat came over and had to have a shot of Tequila and a couple beers. NNow it's my turn I might not get this rack built . He stayed and eat the corned beef and cabbage and 3 more tequilas I had to keep up with him. Feeling quite nice now. Lock those little critters out 7:30 is way too early to be doing anything.

Sometimes it is 5 am as they get used to breakfast early when Rochele has her week on and has to be to work by 6:30 am.

Just tell them that daylight savings time is over. You get an extra hr.

I have a solution to that problem, but i won't print it here!!!!!!!!!!!

The weiners are prime candidates for banning the flippin daylight savings time issue. They take about a week before they have adapted to the time change.

Just keep them in the dark and they will never know. Buy the way about what time do you think you'll be here? The 22nd. What would you like to dinner?

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